Ferragosto 2019 will feature booths from the following:

Local Merchants:

Antonio Salon

Arthur Ave Fiasco

Arthur Cantina Wine & Liquor

Artuso Pastry Shop

Bronx Beer Hall

Calabria Pork Store

Catania’s Pizzeria

Cerini Coffee & Gifts

DeCicco Brothers Novelties

Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue

Felix’s Custom Alterations

Gene Bean Festival of Fun

Gerbasi Ristorante

La Casa Grande Cigars

Marie’s Fresh Roasted Coffee & Gifts

Mike’s Deli


NorthEast Community Bank

Little Italy Cigars

Morrone Pastry Shop

San Gennaro Ristorante

Simon’s Deli

Tapas Italiano

Teitel Brothers

Terrigno Discount w/ New York Lotto

Vincent’s Meat Market

Zero Otto Nove


AnneMarie’s Concessions

Kurly Kurtosh

Lemonade & Pina Coladas

Origami Owl Jewelry

Sacred Heart Gifts & Apparel


Alfa Romeo of White Plains / Maserati of White Plains

Bronx Zoo

Con Edison

Little Italy in the Bronx Sauce

SBH Health Systems


Love Holds Life Foundation

US Census

Vision Group Holdings

Don’t forget to also visit the following merchants at their storefronts:

Antonio’s Trattoria

Arthur Avenue Pharmacy

Arthur Fashion

Bajraktari Realty

Biancardi’s Meat Market

Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles

Calandra Cheese

Casa Della Mozzarella

D’Bari Funeral Home / Lucia Brothers Funeral Home

Dominick’s Restaurant

Full Moon Pizza

Howl At The Moon

Ivana’s Pizzeria

Madonia Bakery

Michaelangelo’s Restaurant

Mt. Carmel Pharmacy

Pasquale’s Rigoletto Restaurant

Prince Coffee House

Tino’s Deli

Teuta Qebaptore

Tri-State Insurance

4 Responses to Merchants

  1. Carol LaStarza says:

    Will the stores be open for shopping on Sept. 11?

  2. Keith says:

    Will the stores be open for shopping on sept 10 2017 during ferragosto fair

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